April 7, 2014

Binge Costs

I'm sure you've seen me talk about this multiple times before and I’m here to repeat myself!! 

Binge Drinking!! (I see all the guilty faces now...)

It's so important to drink responsibly.. And I’m sure a lot of you actually don't know what is considered binge drinking.

Most of you know that I love to party and I love going out but you need to know that the drinking doesn't make the party! (I promise you, it's more fun when you're sober) After all, a good party is determined by who you're with, where you're at and the music you're listening to!

So, what is binge drinking?

DID YOU KNOW... For a male adult, binge drinking is consuming five or more standard drinks and for female adults, binge drinking is consuming four or more drinks, in one drinking session.

Here are some examples of awful things that can happen to you when you're drunk:

o Vomiting in public
o Having your things stolen when under the influence of alcohol
o Getting into accidents due to loss of judgment
o Getting into fights while under the influence of alcohol
o Falling victim to outrage of modesty (e.g. molestation and rape)

Getting drunk is the worst, I repeat, WORST state to be in.

Ok let me share with you a few real life stories. I have a friend who jumped into the pool with her iPhone in her pocket and regretting it terribly the next day... But that's not the worst. I've met a girl who actually jumped off the second level of a building due to drinking irresponsibly and is currently paralysed waist down.

A lot of times we don't see or realize these things happening to us. But they do and it's very real.

For some of us, a party is not a party unless there is booze. While pints of beer or shots of alcoholic drinks might liven up a party or social event, more does not necessarily mean merrier. Just like other things in life, moderation is the key.

Drinking can be enjoyable and fun when consumed responsibly and moderately.

Being a responsible drinker means knowing when to drink, how much is too much (Really no one wants to see someone black out lying down outside the club with no friends there to help), planning ahead, and being in control of you drink.

If you are going to drink alcohol, make transport plans ahead to get back home safely.

Mae's Tip: What my friends and I normally do is to park our cars back home and cab over and then cab back if necessary! If let's say your home is too far, then make sure you valet home! Which can cost around $50 a night. (I think cab is the best solution)

Help your friends if they have had too many drinks. Thank God I have super nice friends who takes good care of one another and we control one another’s drinking!

Mae's Tip: You wouldn't want to be embarrassed by a friend who is drunk… So why not prevent it! If you find them getting too intoxicated, tell them they should stop drinking before they get too drunk and get them a glass of water from the bar (IT’S FREE SO TAKE AS MANY AS YOU NEED)

Do not drink at all before you do activities that are potentially risky, such as driving, swimming, boating etc.

Most importantly, be in control.

You can have control over what and how much you drink. In addition, there are also ways to reduce the harm of drinking. The important thing is to make safety and health your main priorities. Here are some tips to save you from embarrassment:

  • Keep track of how much you are drinking by checking the number of standard alcoholic drinks consumed
  • Do not allow or do top-ups; finish your drink before refilling in order to keep track of how many drinks you are having
  • Set a limit for yourself and stick to it. As a guide, keep to 4 drinks for males and 3 drinks for females in one drinking session
  • Be assertive and do not allow yourself to be pressured to drink more than your limit
  • Have a "spacer" by alternating between non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic ones.
  • Drink slowly and do not drink alcohol to quench your thirst
  • Do not just sit around and drink. Instead, go up and dance or chat with people
  • Avoid drinking games. These make it easy for you to lose track of the amount you are drinking.
  • Eat before and during drinking, but avoid eating food that makes you thirsty
  • Learn how to set your drinking limits!

Here's a little reward for the responsible drinkers… a CONTEST!!!

How to Participate:
• Spot and snap a photo of the campaign wobblers and decals at any Cheers / NTUC Fairprice Xpress outlet. Like this!

• Upload the photo on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with a caption on the costs of binge drinking, tag me @MarxMae and hashtag #bingecosts

Contest ends on 28 April 2014


• The top 10 participants with the most creative photo and caption will win $60 worth of Watsons vouchers
• The top 3 participants will also win an additional $20 worth of NTUC vouchers. That’s $80 worth of vouchers in total!

Good luck everyone!

March 19, 2014


Maldives has a special place in my heart.. Not because of anything special that has happened there yet but it's so beautiful i want something to happen. What i had in mind was a honey moon with my future husband or something like that. Something that will leave a big impression of Maldives on me. Despite my dad going there a handful times with his business partners, We haven't had a chance to.. Little did i know my mom arranged a trip there for last month.. So when they asked i was not very reluctant to say no! How could i decline after looking at the crazy breath-taking pictures from google.
But now that i've been there, When everyone asks me how was Maldives? I would say it's a bitter-sweet kind of thing. I love the ocean and the sea creatures.. not to forget the pretty resort style rooms and the water sports.. BUT after the trip i was tanned like a brownie and i HATE being tan.. (I was so tan before and i want to have a chance to be like snow white.. has not happened yet obviously).. Being tan is one problem.. Getting a sun burn was another! Because we thought the spray-type sunblocks were cool we used those throughout the trip.. and it obviously does not do anything! Despite over-applying the SPF50++ all over and throughout the day, we still had sunburns (cream ones work better).
That is probably the bitter part.. & Of course nothing is ever unenjoyable with the family but we had nothing to do!? Because Maldives is like a "couple place" there was not much to do for a family.. Water sports was all there is.. The spas, candle-lit dinners on sand banks or chilling by the beach and enjoying a cocktail was not meant for us.. I'm definitely glad that we had so much time to bond though.. We're always running around and we're sleeping in different levels at home so it's hard we actually spend time out in the living room together.. It was nice to spend some quality time together~
Now enough of the jibber jabber, here are the pictures!! (Every shot was super pretty because the sky and the ocean was completely perfect!?)

Outfit :
Endless dreams Tank Top, H&M
Torn Jeans, @Shop6by6
Oran Slippers, Hermes
Birkin 35, Hermes
Floppy Giant Fedora, Zara Mens

Before we even had a chance to walk out of the airport, we were already greeted by the mesmerising blue blue indian ocean..

Every hotel is on a different island so we had to take a ferry to ours, which was the Sheraton Full Moon Resort.. Despite my brother complaining like an ass because of the sun and that we didn't book the best hotel in Maldives, he still managed to feel better and relived after looking at the hotel.. and that it's not shabby at all.

From the main lobby we had a buggy send us to our villas. Although we kind of expected a crazy hotel room like a whole walkway for one room and maybe a glass floor to look at the fishes, (blame the google photos) ours was something more like a beach house! We still had walkways to our room just shorter, and no see-through glass on the floor.. hahha
And our rooms were already really solid! Because momma the great got the villas, we actually had separated walkways with everyone else staying at Sheraton.. Which means more privacy and a bigger balcony!


Time to unpack!! My super cute neighbourhood japan suit case came in handy this trip! Look how in theme it is!? I like to do this in every trip i go.. Which is to plan what outfit i'm wearing for each and every day. It's like whenever i wake up i know what i'm going to wear and then i'll spot for places to take pictures at!

After getting changed we actually went for the banana boat but i didn't manage to take any pictures! Now you'll just see my dinner.. hehe we ordered room service that night because we didn't make any reservation at the diners in the resort.. The amount and variety of food they offer is out of this world!? It's like a whole restaurant and it's not like half-fucked cooked food!

Bryan had fresh catch with salad and potato.. and it was SO YUMS.. Juicy, savoury and tasteful!

Fresh caught grilled cheese lobsters! For someone who doesn't like shell fishes i really liked this one! I guess the cheese sort of took the seafood-ish smell away..

Cleve tried the Maldivian style curry with rice! Which was some what like normal curry.. hahah

Last photo of day 01! Outfit photo x
Outfit :
MOTO Denim Light Wash Jacket, TOPSHOP SG
Reflective Hologram Fold Clutch, Zara
Blue swim suit, NastyGal
Camellia Slippers, Chanel

The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't.” ― Christopher Paolini, Eragon
All photos taken with Canon 750D, 17-28mm f/2.8

March 17, 2014


I've always been forever complaining about my hyper-pigmentation on my face that i sound like a broken record. Beauti Instinct and ATACHE was nice enough to shower me with some love of the SNOW WHITE DESPIGMEN HOME CARE! (I would have died a brownie without these babies when i was in Maldives.)

Performance Solution
Performance Solutions is an aid in fighting pigmentation irregularities, blemishes and dark spots on the face and neck. The amount of its natural ingredients that can restore an even complexion of the skin by slowing down the metabolism of pigmented cells or melanin. Applying the serum to the face and neck using a soft massage until completely absorbed, twice a day in order to achieve the expected optimal results.The skin will feel and look younger, more radiant and defect-free .For even better results, combine the Performance Solution serum with Protective Cream 25.

Protective Cream 25
The active ingredients in the Protective Cream 25 based on solar filters of last generation make this cosmetic treatment cream a highly efficient solution to protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging, not to mention other skin complications. It has a protection against UVA and UVB light as it incorporates organic-mineral and inorganic last generation filters. It perfectly protects the skin, maintains its uniform complexion and prevents dark spots from getting darker, being the last step to be taken in a highly effective depigmentation treatment. Apply half an hour before sun exposure by massaging the cream softly until absorbed on the face and neck

Specific Anti-Taches Solution
This treatment directly on the blemishes on the face, neck at night during the first weeks and then twice a day the skin tone and complexion will become even, blemishes will disappear and new ones are prevented from appearing. Apply day and night, directly on the pigmented spot.

You can get the creams at BEAUTI INSTINCT,
CALL +65 6733 9149 545 FOR MORE INFO.
Orchard Road, #03-14, Far East Shopping Center, Singapore 238882

Recently i also re-did my eyelash extensions with a new friend, her name is Grace and she's a Korean living in Sydney. She has been really well known in Sydney for doing lashes and this time she is wanting to venture into the Singapore market. She'll be in Singapore for only a few months so youj must grab hold of this!! I met her and she introduced me to her lash extensions that were made of MINK.

There's something else that she amazed me with. She said it's not supposed to hurt or irritate your eyes. And i thought to myself : "How can it be!?" Because every time i get my lashes done no matter how soft and skillful they claim themselves to be, it always irritates my eyes and i ALWAYS end up plucking them ALL off in a weeks time.
(and yes, i had such a bad experience so i did STILL doubt if Grace's was going to be better)

Here's the best part, Apparently, the extensions are not supposed to even touch the skin of your lash line... (WTF!?) Every time i've EVER done extensions the extensions are always glued to my lash's root! And Grace was telling me "That's not supposed to happen! You need to glue 1 lash extension to 1 lash, one by one". No wonder my eyes has always been irritated. And this means it takes ALOT of skill to do it. 

Before doing it she also asked what would i want my eyes to look like after the extensions! She said she could make an illusion of bigger or longer eyes with the way she placed the extensions! Of course, like every other girl right now i wanted BIG and LONG eyes!! Check out below the AMAZING RESULTS and how you can CONTACT HER!

She is charging $139.00 (She charges $200 in AUSbut when you quote my name,
you only need to pay SGD $99.00
You can contact Grace at +65 9766 0102