April 16, 2016

Summer Feelings

(Left to Right)
Prepare for summer with a light-on-the-skin base. The new Urban Decay One & done is definitely a summer favourite!
It's a new combination of their CC and BB creams! It has medium coverage, it's light-weight, slightly dewy and has sun protection of SPF 30.

What's a summer look without a little shimmer. This new highlighter in the shade Sin has the perfect warm undertone..
and works best with application of the fingers because your skin compresses the glitter to give it that extra shine!

The very well recognised FauxStix by the local FauxFayc are coming out with 4 new shades that are perfect for summer!
Nudes and pinks are perfect for the sun-kissed make-up look! For those who don't already know, the FauxStix are
matte cream lipsticks often raved because of it's applicator and formula.. One of my top favourites compared
to all the matte liquid lipsticks I've tried. (Current pick: Fuse)

Next up! Of course if you'd ask me, Skin Inc is the skin care brands that I swear by! The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light
is a device for customising to your skin needs.. Literally whatever and whenever, like bringing a facial to wherever you are.
Definitely ready to combat the insane heat & haze this summer with their new limited edition and customised My daily dose bottles.

This summer, also try adding a pop of colour to your eyes with NARS's mystical eyeshadow colours: Cressida and Travos.
Perfect if you're going to be chilling and attending a pool party in this heat!

Not forgetting their duo face palette is absolutely addictive and easy to pop into the bag!
The combination was match made in heaven for sure: Hot sand and Laguna.

Going outdoors and being under all that sun sure isn't easy for the skin! Pamper and refresh your skin with
Kiehl's Cilantro & Orange extract pollutant defending masque.. Which again is exactly what we need! It helps defend
against impurities and replenishes the skin! (Also their face sun-screen is also a MUST HAVE. Didn't manage to shoot it
but should def give it a go.. It's non sticky and has no heavy sunscreen smell.. Great to add into your make-up routine)

Last but not least, a non-shimmer Beached bronzer by Urban Decay to dust all over the face to give yourself a healthy glow..
Can't deny how I love the tanned look since I've been back from Indonesia..

Hope you guys enjoy x Happy summer x

February 8, 2016

Road To Clarity

Clinque introduces the new dual-chamber Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Correcter & Optimizer.
Housed in a dual-chamber bottle to preserve the purity and potency of ingredients until released with the dual chambered pump.

The combination of the corrector and new soothing optimizer quells irritation and helps avoid future darkening of the skin.
Singapore is a metropolitan city and we definitely are all more prone to hyperpigmentation versus those living in rural environments.

With the knowledge of slowing inflammation and reducing oxidative damage, Clinique has revolutionized and further developed their formulas. To make Even Better, Even better.

With the new corrector and optimiser coming together, It’s promised to visibly even the skin, diminish dark spots and help keep it that way.

The new key ingredient in this new cocktail – Gyokuro Extract. Gyokuro also known as Jade Dew is one of Japan’s most precious and expensive green teas that only grows in Japan. The growing and harvesting process of the leaves are highly specialized, allowing optimal levels of caffeine and theanine in the leaves. Which makes the Gyokuro abundant with anti-oxidants and anti-irritants.

Getting even-toned skin without dark spots seem impossible for someone who’s under the sun so much. After travelling for four months in Indonesia, I’ve gotten more dark spots on my face and even more pigmented skin due to sun exposure. If you’ve followed my skin-journey you’ll know I have pigmented skin that I can never seem to fix, So I got to put this to the test.

The serum is light-weight, not oily, not sticky and absorbs fast enough for the impatient me. I brought this with me through my travels for a week, through Indonesia and Paris.

In the duration 7 days, two pumps daily morning and evening. I’ve started to see slightly even skin-tone. The black-spots are still there but have also lightened. From this mere 1 week experiment I’ve started to see change & am very much looking forward to my second week onwards.