January 12, 2015

K.Bazaar at J.Avenue

K-Wave has hit Singapore... HARD. If you are in love with K-Style, then you’re sure to be in love with J.Avenue’s upcoming Korean-theme k.bazaar @ J.Avenue on the 31st Jan 2015, 1pm-9pm.

I was just over at J.Avenue doing a little shopping with the JCube team and picked up some pretty cute stuff to give away to you guys.
But first,
Here’s a little more.

k.bazaar @ J.Avenue is a Hongdae street-themed carnival right in the heart of JCube!
While I was filming for my MISS KOREA : I’MMAETravelogue/Reality Show, I was actually staying at Hongdae, one of the most popular shopping districts for students and teens! (I must say the shopping there was incredible, literally made it so much easier for me to be alone for 2.5 months)
k.bazaar @ J.Avenue will include live performances, games to play and even a Korean idol impersonation competition!!

I had so much fun shopping at J.Avenue! The fact that there were so many stores for me to choose from gave me a challenge when picking out what I wanted because every store seems to have such a large variety of items – I simply couldn't make up my mind!

Watch me on Shopping Hey-O! @J.Avenue as I create 2 K-Style outfits from J.Avenue tenants!!

Here’s a closer look into what I’ve picked for my outfit!!

Here are some information and discount codes to help you with shopping on the 31st Jan 2015 ;)

The Little Badge Store – A mini badge boutique shop that produces their own badges and stickers. They do customised ones too! Also carrying trendy accessories, stickers and bags all at affordable prices, they are giving

10% off for readers who quote TheLittleBadgeStorelxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

UrbanGirl – A young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. Trendiest clothes of the season!
Check their website: Urbangirl.com.sg
(has got to be my favorite shop of the whole trip!)

10% off for readers who quote UrbanGirlxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Lava – At Lava you can find the super adorable socks. From basics to fashionable, they also carry popular sock brands like SOXKS, Wondersocks and Happyfeet’s. (Super K-Style!! I have figured after purchasing the socks that it’s super easy to accessorise the outfit and make your shoes seem to be of the same scheme as your outfit!)

10% off for readers who quote LavaxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Cupid – Starting at just $10, Cupid provides affordable clothing for the modern shopaholics!!
10% off for readers who quote CupidxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Ginnoya Enterprise – Specialises in handmade jewelery for both men and women! Their intricate and well-crafted pieces will certainly not allow you to leave the store with just one item! They also do repairing of broken or tarnished jewelry.
10% off for readers who quote GinnoyaxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Zavender – Houses a collection of trendy pieces for modern wardrobes! Their apparels are uniquely designed and manufactured to cater to women from all walks of life! (Be assured – you will be greeted with good quality clothes and wallet-friendly prices)
10% off for readers who quote ZavenderxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Bag.Bead.Select – A new brand from Pearlgogo Jewels. They feature unique products like beats, jewelry, toys, digital equipments and beautiful bags!! (Super cute bags I must say!)
10% off for readers who quote B.B.SxMae on the 31st Jan 2015

Now for the Giveaways!!
I’ve put some thought into the giveaways and picked items suited for your perfect K-Style outfit.

I’ve chosen and set aside 3 sets to giveaway!

From SET A: Urban Girl Marble top + 2 badges from The Little Badge Store + LAVA socks 

SET B: Wondrous plaid top + Zavendar necklace

SET C: CUPID silver midi skirt + Bag.Bead.Select silver bag

Here’s how to win one of these sets just for yourself!!
1.     Go to JCube’s Facebook link here:

2. Comment why you would like to win the items on the picture of the set you want to walk away with!
And you’re good to go!! We will pick a winner!!
Giveaway ends 14 January 2015 so don’t wait any longer for new apparels and accessories!!! Winners will be notified on 16th Jan. Goodluck!!

And of course, don’t forget to visit k.bazaar @ J.Avenue on 31st January!