February 22, 2015


"How are you? You've been blue recently"
"Hahahah Darling, I'm always blue."

Do you feel the same?

February 14, 2015


Valentines. A day where people come together in the name of Love.
The night is here and then it feels so quiet all over again.
I guess these few months have been a struggle. But for the better, This is the time I will learn how to Love myself more & My friends I've neglected as well. The only thing I only want to remind myself, "Positive!! Positive!!"

"When you feel lonely, that's when you need to be alone the most"

Sitting in my room alone, Listening to Coldplay's fix you.. (CoCo just walked out of the room :( COME BACK!!!!) & I really wish I have a friend to call out. My best friends are just a handful and they seem to be enjoying their Valentines, so I stay away from ringing them. Then, scrolling through social media doesn't help either; It's so nice to see everyone happy celebrating Valentines day with their other half or their loved ones; & I can't deny I'm jealous of that. My nature has officially taken a toll on me. I want to feel happy. I want to be the HAPPIEST, While being ALONE.

I've come to believe being alone will bring me Happiness. And honestly think, I'm slowly getting there. I'm going to learn to appreciate time alone. (Yay!! CoCo came back hehhe)

Everyday is a new day to change your life. Today is another battle, So is tomorrow and the day after.
Happy Valentines Day Love Birds!!

Today my vision is green
Same dreams as my mother.
I swear this was all foreseen.

I've been warned time after time by many.
& I still can't help it.
I guess, We don't just change after twenty.
Not even a tad bit.

To love. Start with myself and no other.
& Maybe, I'll learn one day or another.

With Love,
Leader of the Lonely Hearts Club


If you've realized I'm a huge fan of Matte lipsticks; So, when Silkygirl offered to let me try out their new Matte Lipstick colours, I was like "Why not!?"

The SilkyGirl Matte Lipstick now comes in 6 new shades!
01 Nearly Nude, 02 Wild Pink, 03 Siren Red, 04 Mystic Rose, 05 Sassy Orange, 06 Exotic Wine.

The lipsticks are heavyweight in colour with a lightweight matte finish. The colours are also bolder with rich, carmine-free pigments. Have to love the Nearly Nude, Perfect as the Everyday lipstick!
(Wearing Shade 01 Nearly Nude)

(Wearing Shade 05 Sassy Orange) Bold Orange lips are super trendy! If you like the Korean styled make-up then this colour is something to try.

The SilkyGirl lipsticks are also formulated with Shea butter, Safflower Oil & Papaya Extract!
(Wearing Shade 03 Siren Red & 04 Mystic Pink together for an Ombre Lip) Because the lipsticks are highly pigmented, It was super easy to create an Ombre lip without blending out much.

Other than it being long lasting, extended wear with strong color pay-off, It's Fragrance- free & Cruelty free! (not tested on animals).

As well, if you aren’t a fan of Matte Lipstick, don’t worry! Then, you should check out their lip gloss collection. Its called SilkyGirl Color Junkie Lip Polish. It also comes in 6 different colours and they are Sultry Jess, Pretty Susie, Fiery Rose, Sunny Liz, Perky Sally and Bubbly Jean.

Stand a chance to win a set of products!! Just by commenting on the Giveaway Post on the SILKYGIRL Singapore FB Page!
Tell us which is your favourite shade from Color Junkie or Go Matte and Why?

Contest period: 2nd Feb – 2nd Mar
Winners will be notified after 2nd Mar via SILKYGIRL Singapore FB Page
#gomatte #mattelips #silkygirlcosmetics

February 1, 2015


Make-up is an essential for most of us. Some for profession and some for the love of it! I'm a make-up junkie and I love creating and trying out new looks; But it's very hard to find palettes that carry the exact colours you're looking for. And normally your everyday make-up pouch consists of 2-3 types of the same products, which honestly is the main reason why a lady's bag is always so heavy.

Wouldn't it be great if you had the freedom to choose what are the colours of your palette and then switching it as and when you like? Because our make-up changes day to day and seasons to seasons.
Just that day when I was in the office for a photo shoot, the make-up artist actually was complaining to me about how the looks between shoots are always different and that palettes were never exactly how she wanted them; Which is why this is PERFECT.
With INGLOT's Freedom System Palettes you can create/ re-create your own palettes!
They have a huge array of shades, tones and products to choose from for the palettes; the palettes come in different sizes, numbers and shapes.

Here's me in their sea of make-up and building my very own unique palettes…

Their magnetic palettes can accommodate up to 40 shades and products. All the palettes may be joined into handy, space-saving stacks; the number of possible color and product-type combinations in such sets is beyond imagination. INGLOT tried to count the number of the possible combinations within the Freedom System and we stopped at 3 000 000 000 000 000.

The fact that they had concealers, lip glosses/ shades, eyeshadows and even brow gels that could be added to the palette means it's only required of 1 palette in your bag from now on; Because it's everything you need in one freedom system palette. I chosen 3 different palettes..

(Hover over image)

(Hover over image)
Perfect for touch-ups through a night out!

(Hover over image)
Got the Quad Freedom System which allowed me to choose my blushes, bronzer and highlighting powders in a single palette. I can now sculpt with one palette! Also I managed to grab my hands on their Khol Waterproof Pencil Liner.

The Khol Liner I’ve got is in black. It's soft (but not too soft) and I actually love working with Gel and Liquid liners more but I really enjoyed the texture and how dark the liner is. Perfect for waterlines!

This has got to be my favourite gel liner up to date. Similarly to the Khol Pencil, The Gel is soft and highly pigmented. It's dark enough too!

Snatched some pretty Mascaras off their shelves as well. The False Lash Effect Mascara and the Colorplay Mascara in Blue. Let's start with The False Lash Effect Mascara : Super mini bristles, Clean finish and doesn't clog up the lashes.. Absolutely to die for!

The Colorplay Mascara in Blue was also very fun to try on, I've always loved the blue mascaras on the runway looks and to have one that's so highly pigmented is perfect. I didn't need to apply a few coats to notice the colour, The first coat was already visible.

Their Pure Pigmented Eyeshadows are great to have because they can be used for the eyes, turned into a cream shadow and with the right mixtures of balms or gels, it can be a lip colour or even an eyeliner!

The colours speaks for itself and honestly there's no asking why I took it! I’ve chosen something very neutral and fresh for my lip paint because I thought it would be perfect for an everyday lip gloss, unlike the other lip glosses out there. The one from INGLOT is not too shiny and it is rather pigmented so one coat is enough to give you the colour you see.

INGLOT's 3D Gloss. The number one tumblr sensation. The colours are so psychedelic and it's super beautiful crystal effects are mind blowing. If you love pretty things you're sure to love this. Mixtures of liquid crystals react to skin colour or lip colour underneath creating a stunning 3D effect. Do check it out at the store to see it for yourself!

Got myself a pair of red sisters for the lips! I love wearing red lips because it gives a pop to the outfit without doing much. The Soft Precision Lip Liner is highly pigmented and super soft perfect to contour the lips & it feels like it's moisturising it at the same time. A lot of lip liners I've used are very dry and requires me to prep my lips before I even line it.
The Lip Duo pod is super cute and great for touch ups throughout the night. One for a more pigmented gloss and the other more sheer.

Now down to the face products, I tried out the HD Perfect coverup foundation.. It's a 1 step cover-up for sure. It conceals rather well and makes the skin look flawless, I like that it didn't leave a sticky feeling on my face after application. The consistency of the foundation was also great because it wasn't too creamy neither was it too diluted.

Concealing with INGLOT's new arrivals! The cover-up pen. Say good-bye to undereye pigmentation, dark spots and pimples.

The other product i got from their HD range was the illuminizing loose powder for setting the foundation and concealer into place. The pigments are really fine and soft which was great for taking photos. Literally after all 3 steps i have a clear and flawless skin.

Their sparkling dust was one of my favourite products too! As it is ultimately shiny and sparkly, It has colour tone too. (Similarly like how you'd say a food has a lot of flavours).

Now comes the sidekicks of the make-up game. This one is to make everything work. The Pro Blending Sponge is amazing and super dense. I always encourage friends to use sponges like these because it will leave 0 streaks on the face and blends seamlessly. A plus point for using this is that it will reach under your eyes and the eyelids without staining the lashes.

This INGLOT product is a must have if you love make-up as much as i do. It's could be used as a primer for the eyes (after dried), takes your pigments and minerals into cream form and also get that dry gel liner of yours back on form!

I am absolutely in love with their make-up products. Getting my hands on the products was one exciting thing, trying them out and comparing them was another! With INGLOT's Freedom System Palette you can have everything you love all in one. No more fuss! Travelling will also be made much easier.

They have just opened their first Flapship at Wisma Atria #B1-14.

A wide range of colors and an impressive variety of products is something that make INGLOT stand out of the crowd. The range consists of over 1,500 colors with over 450 ways to emphasize your lips, 600 ways to enhance your eyes, and over 300 ways to portray your face, while the extremely rich collection of nail polishes consists of up to 400 shades.

FREEDOM is LOVE. FREEDOM is CHOICE. FREEDOM is LIFESTYLE. INGLOT believes to cater to Singaporean women’s individuality, high regard to quality. Paraben and cruelty free. (Yes they DO NOT test on animals)

Where you can find them x
and #B1-14 Wisma Atria.