February 8, 2016

Road To Clarity

Clinque introduces the new dual-chamber Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Correcter & Optimizer.
Housed in a dual-chamber bottle to preserve the purity and potency of ingredients until released with the dual chambered pump.

The combination of the corrector and new soothing optimizer quells irritation and helps avoid future darkening of the skin.
Singapore is a metropolitan city and we definitely are all more prone to hyperpigmentation versus those living in rural environments.

With the knowledge of slowing inflammation and reducing oxidative damage, Clinique has revolutionized and further developed their formulas. To make Even Better, Even better.

With the new corrector and optimiser coming together, It’s promised to visibly even the skin, diminish dark spots and help keep it that way.

The new key ingredient in this new cocktail – Gyokuro Extract. Gyokuro also known as Jade Dew is one of Japan’s most precious and expensive green teas that only grows in Japan. The growing and harvesting process of the leaves are highly specialized, allowing optimal levels of caffeine and theanine in the leaves. Which makes the Gyokuro abundant with anti-oxidants and anti-irritants.

Getting even-toned skin without dark spots seem impossible for someone who’s under the sun so much. After travelling for four months in Indonesia, I’ve gotten more dark spots on my face and even more pigmented skin due to sun exposure. If you’ve followed my skin-journey you’ll know I have pigmented skin that I can never seem to fix, So I got to put this to the test.

The serum is light-weight, not oily, not sticky and absorbs fast enough for the impatient me. I brought this with me through my travels for a week, through Indonesia and Paris.

In the duration 7 days, two pumps daily morning and evening. I’ve started to see slightly even skin-tone. The black-spots are still there but have also lightened. From this mere 1 week experiment I’ve started to see change & am very much looking forward to my second week onwards.

January 11, 2016


The things I will remember him by are simple and might seem common, but I seem to only see them in him. Staring across the pillow to his face, I was staring right into my current favourite pair of eyes. I don't think I've ever paid so much attention to someone's eyes before. An ashy tone with uneven markings on his beautiful hazel-nut brown iris ... Pores on his cheeks ...  wrinkles around his eyes ... three folds in his crease ...  and of course the softest cracked lips mine had ever met. His signature smirk came with the remains of his dark shaven facial hair on his pale soft skin. His eyes made my heart melt and I hoped secretly that mine did the same. Though I'd never know, I can only be satisfied to often catch the both of us smiling as we stared into each other's eyes. You know that feeling? When someone's skin feels warm and smells like home? Like when you think that you're in love, you know that smell is the one you're craving for. I remember your very dry hands that made cracks at your fingertips, I remember how all I wanted to do whenever I looked at them was to give you mine instead. Why does the bed feel cold even though it's in this tropical cosmopolitan city with the room air-conditioner switched off? I'm sure it's because I still remember, you're warm, the warmest I've felt in a really long time and I don't think I'll be able to replace that.


You lie staring at the ceiling in his favourite white oxford shirt... far too big for your torso, far to thick for sleeping but yet seems to be the only thing you feel like putting on. Three weeks, now three months till I see you again. Every inch of my soul, every atom and every energy I emit ... will be waiting to see you again.