September 17, 2014


Today i'm going to share with you something that i've gotten my hands on! The NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum!
Sun is unavoidable in Singapore and skin care is so important to start young and early! The NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum is the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of extra accumulated dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields your skin from the sun.

it's so important for caring for one’s skin! And you have to start young.. NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum contains SPF 25 so it's sure to protect your skin from any baddies from the sun!

I'm quite rough and often get my legs bruised and my skin scrapped or scratched.. Plus i have never thought that it was important to keep the skin moisturised! I decided to try the NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum and within 24 hours from application, my skin condition noticeably improves! I'm talking : Glowy looking skin & Dewy finish! I felt like finally for once i don't have manly looking legs and hands wahaha!! (The best part is that it lasted for the whole day!)
Protects against the loss of moisture, Repairs Dry & damaged skin Plus, Protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays

The best part that i always talk about is that i can't stand sticky products that take a long time for absorption. The NIVEA Body Intensice Moisture Serum is light & has non-sticky formula AND is SUPER FAST to absorb!!

Get yours at selected Guardian and Watson stores now!!
NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF25/PA++ ($8.90 for 200ml) is available at all leading personal care  stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, Fairprice and Giant, as well as major retailers.

Give intensive love to you and your skin.

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September 10, 2014


August 15, 2014


A little over-dued but here's the next portion of the room tour..!! (Link of pervious post at the end)
My sofa area is probably the place i spend most of my time when i'm home (other than the bed)..
The bunch of soft-toys are ALL Coco's bwahha and she climbs up and pull whatever she wants to play with down the sofa~
I place my larger bags on the shelf above the sofa and then decorated it with Tassels from Typo 313!

Magazines from, Skull from Thailand and Candle was a gift!!
I love to decorate small little areas in my room!! Which is why i created this by the window..

This is probably the area of my room i spent a lot of time packing! My shoe collection!
Other than accessories and bags.. I can never have enough shoes.. I LOVE THEM ALL!!
Arranged by colour and style~ wehehe!!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as me!
I'll answer all questions! Just leave a comment x
More to come soon~

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August 14, 2014


Today i'm going to introduce to you girls about some new lip products i got from KOSÉ ESPRIQUE.. 3 Lips glosses and 3 lipsticks which are South East Asia exclusive ones.
I'm sure we've all heard heard about KOSÉ and they are popular because of the formulas of their products! Just because it's a lip stick or lip gloss, it doesn't mean formula isn't important~

KOSÉ ESPRIQUE’s product concept is “One Stroke Beauty”, providing modern ladies time-saving makeup items that care for the skin at the same time. 

The ESPRIQUE Bright Lasting Rouge :
For Autumn/Winter 2014, KOSÉ released 3 new bold and vibrant shades just for Southeast Asia:
Vivid orange (OR290), Cherry Red (RD490) and Exotic Pink (PK890) at $39 each. 
This all-in-one lipstick provides serum to moisture your lips (means no chapped lips throughout the day), "concealer"so you can be assured the colour will be solid and bright! Also the lipstick has vivid color effects!

First look with the Bright Lasting Rouge Lipstick, in colour PK890 Exotic Pink..
Dressed it up in a white dress and simple eye makeup so that the lip's colour pops-up!

Second look is abit more playful with the OR290 Vivid Orange! I darkened the eye make-up with a darker eyeshadow on the outer corners and lower lash line..

The last look for the special SEA Colour is RD490 in Cherry Red!.. I'm actually surprised with this colour because normally wear a bright red in Matte, but this "gloss-ier" version does the trick too! I added some purple eyeshadow to the eyes to give it a stronger look!

On to The ESPRIQUE Rouge Stay Magic (Essence Liquid)..

ESPRIQUE Rouge Stay Magic (Essence Liquid) $30:
Long-lasting liquid rouge that has colour transfer prevention formula, so colour stays on all-day.
I have to absolutely love this! Despite it being a lip gloss, i feel it holds the colour of a lip stain.. I don't usually wear lip gloss because it'll take a thousand and one layers before the colour starts going strong..  The ESPRIQUE Rouge Stay Magic just takes 1 swipe and there's color and gloss, which gives an illusion of puffy lips! (Staying true to the One Stroke Beauty saying, KOSÉ Creates the Lip Gloss's head to be in an arrow shape so that applying can be as easy as 1 stroke!)

This RO632 is abit more vibrant compared to the rest..

And the RD442 is a pinkish nude colour..

This has to be my fave, the BE332 is a clean nude shade perfect for me!!


Purchase $100 worth of KOSÉ products including any new ESPRIQUE lip color and enjoy a free compact mirror. (Available at ANY KOSÉ counters)
Quote my name (Only at Metro Paragon or Robinsons JEM KOSÉ counters) & get a 3pc skincare sample kit:
INFINITY Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask 8g
+ INFINITY Pure Advance Clear Up Wash 10g
+ INFINITY Pure Advance Eye Cream (4pc laminate).
While stocks last!!

Good Luck~~

Read more about KOSÉ and ESPRIQUE here!
Instagram: @kosesg

August 7, 2014

Lg G3 X singtel

Remember i've talked about the New SingTel Youth Plan that i've recently signed up for? I managed to Psycho Sean to re-contracted his SingTel plan to the new Youth Plan yesterday.. The cool thing about the plan is that it also allows Campus Free Calls! So apparently if you're in Jurong Camp and you call anyone within the Jurong Camp.. it's FOC. How cool right? Not even he knows..

If you haven't read my post on it, don't forget to (here)!! (DON'T WAIT)
If you're the FIRST 30 to sign a new contract or re-contract online with me here :
for the new SingTel Lite and Value Youth Plans, You can get even more additional benefits apart from ANYONE else!!!

A MarxMae Youth Plan specially for you~
1. EXTRA 2GB Data (Which means total of 5GB) (Which also means you don't have to worry and can start youtubing straight from your phone!),
2. Additional $50.00 Voucher handset (Which also mean you can buy a new phone with the line excl.iPhone),
3. 30% NewBalance Voucher
4. + Extra Discounts at various lifestyle stores.
5. Free 2 months of AMPed Application!

Also managed to grab my hands on the new LG G3.. I've heard crazy and good reviews about the phone and decided to give it a try using Sean's re-contract!! Apprently this phone is super raved about in Korea and i can understand why.. The screen is like SUPER DUPER HD.. Like watching a TV at harvey norman.. Those surreal kind of HD.. & The selfie camera functions are super cool.. Like can do self-timer and beauty mode automatically!

Not to forget the sleek buttonless design..

Movie ready quality..

Cool camera functions..

Moving on,

Remember to call your telecom and get your plan checked-out now!! If it's due for re-contract or it's ending, Update your plan, Update the way you surf and use your mobile without any worry with the NEW SingTel Lite or Value Youth Plan via :
(Remember only first 30 will get crazy benefits never given away before!?)