July 23, 2015



Special thanks to: @Hubiegram

Pinstripe pants and vest, Pomelo Fashion
Peep-toe heels, Christian Louboutin

May 30, 2015


Had the pleasure to get touchy feely and join #GucciSg for their preview of the Gucci Fall Winter 2015/2016 Collection. The collection consisted of intricate delicate laces, soft flowy fabrics, leather pleated skirts and structured suits. I loved the detailed embroidery and the complementary colours... Also, something that I can't forget is the vibe that the collection gave: It brings to mind an imagination of a quirky girl with a great taste in vintage clothing and shift silhouettes. Love at first sight – it was overall an impressive collection that I was not expecting to fall for. Oh, not to forget the furry footwear!

Let's move on to the visuals, enjoy!

 As usual, @Division_Events did it again with yet another kick-ass set-up. The mix up of a luxury brand preview within such an artistic and underground-ish space that is so raw and rugged, surprisingly goes so well together. This mix of opposing cultures seems to be the beginning of something beautiful to come and I am thrilled to see these recurring themes of mixing fashion and art emerging in Singapore. From my imaginations to reality (finally!).

The footage of the runway being projected all around us, including a huge projection on the building opposite us! So visually satiating.

Paired my @PomeloFashion pinstripe shirt dress with a Hermes x Jackie Chan Charity edition silk scarf as a head wrap... I was trying to pull off some sort of old school hiphop look here, but I don't know if that worked out as I did not have my hoop earrings on, ugh! I guess the lesson here is that you don't always end up looking like how you envisioned in your mind. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed the visuals!

xx M.M

April 15, 2015

Maldives with a Travel Buddy

Here's a little peak into what I was up to in Maldives the previous week.. I was on my way to Maldives to film my new Travelogue called "Livin The Life" (So watch out for it!!). This time I had a new kick-ass gadget to play with, courtesy of Canon! The Canon PowerShot SX700 HS. 

I personally have my own Canon PowerShot camera but I was excited to try the PowerShot SX700 HS for its 30x Optical Zoom (you'll see how insane the zoom feature is in the following pictures). With 16.1 megapixels, it fits in my hand perfectly and even has a little grip (as seen below) to give you a better hold, especially for zoomed in pictures! It also promises good low light capabilities, great video performance and the best part which I feel every camera should have, is the built-in Wi-Fi function.

And of course, they also have it in a nice red color! 

So I've been to Maldives before and I know that other than chilling at the resort, the only other thing you really can do there are their water activities. So I made sure we brought along an underwater camera casing! This underwater casing was quite good because they had a protruding part to allow for your camera lens to extend while zooming in.

If you're heading overseas for a beach trip or a trip that has water activities, I would definitely recommend you investing in one of these! It'll help protect your camera (of course I'm sure there's some limitations like how deep one can swim with it so you gotta check how good yours is) and it will also help you get pretty mermaid pictures underwater to remember for life! And of course...it will also just get you better holiday pictures than your friends who don't have it! Hahaha

So the day finally came. Here's us checking in for our flight..

My definite go-to is the vitamin Cs that I pop into a water bottle and drink it constantly so that i won't fall sick..

After a 4 hour flight, we arrived in Maldives and was greeted by the blue Indian Ocean!

On the ferry on the way to the Sheraton Maldives resort...

Everyone getting ready before heading out to take photos and have lunch.. A selfie first with the new camera..

Had a fun time playing the water-sports and the fun-tube was one of them! Tried my best to get the girls thrown off. Stay tuned to the video for that!

The fun-tube ride lasted for about 10 minutes. It was super fun and I kept trying to get the girls to fall off. There'll be footage of this in Livin The Life so wait up for it! But I gotta admit, it was super tiring! And some of the girls actually got plastic burns on their elbows from the friction of the float.

Got caught in a candid right after the Fun-Tube. I was super shagged.

Next we decided to do some complimentary activities from the resort. There was canoeing and stand-up paddling but most of us girls did stand-up paddling.

Here's us trying to get together for a romantic picture. You might have seen it on my IG already! What y'all didn't see was the get-together process which took so long cause we kept floating away from each other. Hahaha

After that we kinda chilled in the pool for a bit and had chats around pizza and milkshakes. But alas, that wasn't enough to curb our ravenous appetites so we quickly got ready for dinner. Ok... maybe not so quickly. Some of the girls fell asleep while waiting for others. haha

A selfie during dinner under low-light and photo was still pretty sharp!

The next morning I had a really nice time lounging under the sun bed & ordered a delicious Cheese Burger.

Our sun-bed overlooked the water-activity space so I could people-watch! Spotted this couple canoeing so I decided to try out the zoom function. Unfortunately, I don't have a 'before' picture but from earlier pictures, you can tell that the shore is pretty far from the barricade.

As you can see from the picture, the couple is pretty close to the barricade and that's how far they really were!

Zoom more..

This is zoomed in all the way...and it is still so clear?! THEY WERE TINY LITTLE PIXELS. How insane is that zoom!? One of the other girls had the same camera and she showed me a hilarious zoom in of this guy who was snorkeling alone in the sea.

It's not so much the far zoom that won me over. It's the clarity of the subjects at such a distance (and moving some more) that really impressed me. Read up a bit on this and it's made possible because of the Zoom Framing Assist function in the camera. What happens is that it has an auto mode that automatically tracks and focuses on the subject. If you're going to travel watch the world cup?! Zoom in on all of em soccer players!

Ahh...the vibrant blue sea.

I love candids. Don't you? :D

Snorkeling time! The resort allowed us to rent the snorkel equipment for free too.

Dinner time again. We ordered room service in!

On our last day, we headed out to snorkel at some coral reef. This was paid, but worth it. Though I was hoping to see sharks like I did the last time, but...we didn't.:(

Despite the boat being super choppy i still managed to capture some good quality pictures because of the Image stabilizer.

With the underwater bag strapped on, snorkeling we go!!

I'm not sure if you can see it, but it was beautiful how you could see the sunlight trying to reach the bottom of the sea

Would have loved to get better pictures of the corals and fishes! Right now...I'm wondering why it didn't occur to me then to zoom in.

Well, that pretty much marked the end of my Maldives trip. It was definitely one to remember, the fact that I had a great room mate was one of the reasons but ultimately it was nice heading to a resort location, relax and be one with nature without anyone holding me back!
Worry-free with total freedom!

Am glad I had the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS as my travel companion. It's a great point-and-shoot camera that I would recommend! My favourite feature has to be the 30x zoom feature and the Image Stabiliser because I mean when you're that far out in sea (or traveling in general), it's what you really need to capture every single moment.

Don't forget to catch my up-coming travelogue "Livin The Life" with some selfie footages using the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS!

But before that...

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Contest ends on 15th May, 2359pm. Good luck!

All photos were taken with the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS