July 16, 2014



I had the pleasure to work with GlamPalm!! My hair is beyond my control and it's damaged so badly with all the past bleaching and dying of my hair.. Alot of straignteners or hair curlers i've purchased in the past, from flea markets or gmarket really cannot compare to this one. I first thought to myself, okay they look really professional and expensive but it'll probably do nothing to my hair.. My hair would go hurricane on me in an hours time again..
TO MY SURPRISE (In all honesty), it really stayed the whole day & it didn't make my hair look like dried weeds. I was so surprised because i've never believed i get my hair to listen to me at home! I guess it's really true, (a chinese saying) 一分钱一分货, One penny will get you one penny's worth of a product!
Very glad that i've found out about GlamPalm.. 

› The World’s first ceramic coated heat plate 
› The World’s first tilting and cushioning plate 
› The World’s first free voltage and automatic shut off functions 
› The World’s first 3D swivel and pivot cord 
› The World’s first built in temperature sensors in hair irons

Now with even more advanced technology - For the first time, you can experience the wellness benefits and the positive energies of a precious mineral or "Healing Stone" found in the mountains of South Korea which GlamPalm owns.

This exclusive, patented Healing Stone™ is infused into the GlamPalm's ceramic plates creating breathtakingly beautiful, shiny and healthy hair while protecting and even treating your hair.

The best thing about straighteners is that it doesn't just straightens!
You can tilt towards the end to create subtle curls~

The GlamPalm package comes with the straightener of your choice, clips & a comb!
NOT forgetting the awesome GlamPalm pouch to keep your straightener.. How cool is that? You don't have to worry about getting your wires all tangled up because now this fancy clutch will have you covered!

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