July 17, 2014


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I know i've been delaying this for over 2 years but i've never actually had time to keep my room neat enough for any photos.. Recently i've been pretty motivated.. in immediate response, i took pictures before it gets ruined again.. (it's a vicious cycle to keep the room neat).
My room is squar-ish attic.. So this one is at the bottom left corner of the room.. well sort of.. it's somewhere in the middle in fact... I've had a lot of renovations here and there (also one of the excuses why i couldn't blog about my room)

Beauty Corner!! Basically it's the corner i'm at when i'm doing the last step before leaving the house.. After showering and tearing half of the wardrobe apart, i get my make-up and fix on the accessories for the full out-fit.. As us Chinese say it, θŒδΈšη—… (Occupational Disorder) where i have to have everything in colour coordination or displayed like a store.. (well sort of & at the best i can)


# Accessories Fact about me!! : I can splurge on accessories than clothes.. If you follow me long enough you'd know i like options to mix and match and accessories do just it! I want one of everything so when i actually need it, i have it to match with my outfit!!


Crystal Necklace : VidaKush.com
Thick Silver Chain Necklace : Shop6by6.com

Loop Earrings..

Crystal Loop Earrings : H&M Shanghai
Gold Watches : NakedGlory.com

Bling Bling..

Parisian Necklace : Xevana.com


Karl Clock Necklace : WSI 313 Somerset
Blue Cross Necklace : Forever 21
Cruise Collection Rosary : Chanel
Wooden Super Swag 18 Rosary : SaveZouk.com

Down on the cabinet top,
(Cabinet : King & King Wong Furniture Store @ NEX Shopping Mall)
The glass skull was actually a vodka bottle that Sean got it for me when he was working as a waiter! (Made me really happy because i was looking for it for the longest time.. Still smells of vodka :O )
I love to keep rings that i use often aside from the rest because they can be really hard to find when everything is stashed together so i got a $2.00 tray from Daiso!

I love these acrylic cases.. (i'm sure most girls do.. & it's the boyfriend's most hated plastic object)
Got them from Muji, Most acrylic boxes or organisers are rather pricy so be careful!!
The Acrylic 2 tier tray box is for stud backing earrings, Silver on the top and Gold on the bottom!
The one on the right is for all my bracelets..

These crystal looking plastic jars, are actually from Daiso!! Which is why i LOVE Daiso, everything for $2.00 and if you dig deep enough, you find really pretty stuff!!
I'm really fickle when it comes to colour of hardware.. Silver or Gold.. Can never make up my mind.. Just separating them helps a lot when you already have a certain colour or hardware in the outfit!

Make-up time!!

Brushes are placed in a IKEA Flower pot.. My brushes ranges from Sephora, Bobbi Brown & Thailand ones.. I honestly feel to invest in a good brush is so important but over-priced ones are not necessary the best! I suggest to get brushes from Watson or Guardian, Brushes brands like Real Techniques & Eco Tools work perfectly for me.

An extra jar for the last touch to the whole makeup routine!

Lashes~ You won't know the importance of lashes until you've started curling and applying a great big fat coat of mascara.. A MUST for me!!
Glass Jar : IKEA
Current Favourites :
FiberWig Extra long lashes (Avail at Watson)
Dolly Wink Mascara

Starting the inside of the cabinet!!
White Plastic Box : IKEA
This is the first drawer to open when it's make-up time.. # The BASE Drawer
I can never get enough of make-up as you can see bwahaha.. Foundations, Blushes, Bronzers, Eyeshadow, Concealers, Gel Liners, Compact powders!? It never ends~~~
Current Favourites :
Rachel K CC Renew Cream (CC Cream), Medium + Light
(New) BOBBI BROWN Foundation Stick, Beige No.3
NARS Bronzer, Laguna
NARS Cream Blush, Lokoum
MAYBELLINE Jelly Glow Cream Blush, 06
NARS Cream Eyeshadow, Corfu
Stylenanda Eyeshadow, Madonna
Beauty Blender Sponge

2nd drawer, # Finishing touches Drawer..

Here i have the eye stuff (Eyeliners, Eyeliner Crayons, Coloured Liners) on the left and the lip stuff (Lip sticks, Lip Glosses, Lip tints) on the right!
Current Favourites :
StyleNanda Liquid Pot Eyeliner, Black
NARS Matte Lipstick, Tonkin
NARS Lip Crayon, Bahama
M.A.C Matte Lipstick, Russian Red
Style Nanda Cream Lip Tints

Followed by a corner for brows (the most important of all make-up routines)!

Current Favourites :
ASOS BarryM BrowPen Liquid Brow Marker, Darkbrown
Etude House Eyebrow Pencil (Always a favourite), #03 Brown

3rd Drawer goes the # Lashes & Palettes! 

Current Favourites :
Urban Decay Electric Palette (New)..
Also if you'd love to splurge on cheap and okay to-do palettes, you can try costal scents or ELF ones! The quality isn't that shabby and it's cheap..

# Hair Time! It's takes crazy loads of products and hair treatment to keep my mad hair tamed..

Current Favourites..
For Curling, Coating the hair with Liese Cube Wax!
L'Oreal Extraordinary hair oil (New) the one with RED cap.

Also to end the last drawer, tools to work the hair..

Current favourite :
GlamPalm Hair Straightener, Largest size

Ending to the first part to the Room tour! & really excited to share the rest of the room!!
With Love,

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  1. OMG I am LOVING your makeup and jewelry collection! *__*